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Quezon City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCCI) Inaugurates First Health & Wellness Business Stakeholders' Forum


QCCCI Inaugurates First Health & Wellness Business Stakeholders’ Forum

FRESH from a tour of four foreign and local health and business conferences, Hernando B Delizo, MD as president of Quezon City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCCI) is inaugurating with theBUSINESS Paper and PHTV { Paglalakbay for Health Television at } a first in a series of “Well business is healthy business” stakeholders’ forum on Tuesday, the 28th of October 2008, from 12-8PM at Plaza Ibarra, Timog Ave, Quezon City, with some support from the Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) company.

Dr Delizo graced the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Forum in San Francisco (California, USA), 34th Philippine Business Conference (PBC) & Expo, 22nd Confederation of AsiaPacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) and 2008 Philippine Health and Wellness Tourism Summit, respectively, in pursuit of health and business wisdom that people may be inspired upon to live by. He is hosting the QCCCI stakeholders’ forum for the national, provincial and regional business networks of the 59,000 establishments housed in Quezon City, the only premier city in The Philippines whose One town-one product (OTOP) program as per the Dept of Trade & Industry (DTI) is health & wellness, and that is why it is dubbed as the “healthcare and wellness hub in the metropolis.” The administration of Quezon City Mayor Feliciano ‘Sonny’ Belmonte Jr with close interactive relationship with the Delizo QCCCI leadership in matters of health & wellness business is proving that public and private partnership can work for common good.

QCCCI stakeholders’ forum will launch the “Healthy Lifestyle Directory for Quezon City,” published by DTI national capital region (NCR), with DTI-NCR director Grace Soller leading the book launch.

QCCCI stakeholders’ forum will be keynoted by Ms Eva Kiess, lead person of Accreditation Canada International. She will talk about the impact to Philippine society of global healthcare accreditation and its direct link to education in accord with worldclass standards of Canada, a welfare society, which Clinica Manila by Ambulatory Healthcare Institute carries. Kiess said, this will be the first time an official Canadian ministry is initiating accreditation processes in the entire Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region, from The Philippines.

QCCCI stakeholders’ forum will bring together again leaders who matter in business and health beyond Quezon City, led by resource persons Antonio Keh of Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), geriatrist Dr Mike Ramos of Saint Luke’s Hospital, Carmina Desales of Capitol Medical Center, Ms Renu Gidoomal the medispa management expert, QC Councilor Dorothy Delarmente, top Nursing reviewer Dean Carl Balita, Ambassador Donald Dee of U-Act, Gabby Cui and Jane Calilung of PLDT SME Nation, pediatric specialist Dra Lyn Balita and HR specialist Raffy Chico, QCCCI directors.

Together with Dr Delizo, the speakers will tackle about opportunities in global healthcare with the QCCCI President’s “Health & wellness quest map” as user-friendly template for starting up and sustaining micro, small & medium businesses, startups and other entrepreneurial ventures.

Beginning in 2007, QCCCI President Delizo, founder of such viable health & wellness entrepreneurships such as but not limited to Clinica Manila, Mediserv, Wellness Place and Wellcare Clinics even before he and Dept of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Ace Durano became Masters in Business Administration (MBA) classmates at the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU)-Regis MBA Program, had been inspiring upon businesspeople that health & wellness is not only for stakeholders in medical healthcare. According to the Dr Delizo health & wellness quest map, even the agriculture, industrial, commercial, service and technological sectors will profit in his integrative program of well business as healthy business.

Delizo went on inaugurating various media programs that advanced the causes for The Philippines as “preferred desti-nation” of medical-value health & wellness travel & tourism and for Quezon City as sister city of Singapore in matters of healthcare – from the First Medical Tourism Asia forum in Singapore and First Medical Travel Congress in Malaysia to a few others in the US and Europe, up to this San Francisco USA event.

Delizo said, the US Bay Area forum was “important since all ‘sellers’ of healthcare went to be where the biggest market of medical travelers come from.” Past conferences were held where it is being delivered (which is Asia). What added up to the Frisco forum significance, Delizo added, was “employers were also there to listen.”

Assessing the recent PBC and CACCI where he was delegate, Dr Delizo whose Clinica Manila is bona fide member of PCCI, pointed out: “PBC was more of the same… general planning and discussion… basically, a perfect forum for social networking.” He described CACCI, on the other hand, as a “good platform for global business networking that should be able to stimulate knowledge and skills exchange.” Delizo, however, lamented the fact that participation in both confabs were limited to the upper or bigger companies from The Philippines, and more governmental arms and units from other nations, “not much of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs)” that comprised more than 80 percent of all business in the country.

DOT’s Philippine Health & Wellness Tourism Summit, Dr Delizo observed, attempted to create a balance between health & wellness vis-Ă -vis the socalled “heavy medical-surgical of other conferences.” Unfortunately, he continued, “attendance from The Philippines’s mainstream healthcare industry was lacking;” therefore, wanting in support of many more important stakeholders that should matter most.

QCCCI Healthcare and Wellness Hub in the Metropolis Stakeholders’ Forum will be an attempt to present industry-based interaction culled from the many rhetoric and motherhood statements in all such foreign and local fora. QCCCI President Delizo hopes to present and draw out from the QCCCI stakeholders’ forum “revenue-working models” by which existing and future local and international healthcare and wellness ventures that is integrative of, if not complementary with, all other business models and plans and concerns may be inspired upon to carry on with business as usual or, more aptly, not the usual entrepreneurship.

Dr Delizo of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) College of Medicine & Surgery graduate of Internal Medicine in 1984 (cum laude at UST BS General, 1980), who is being nominated to the The Outstanding Thomasian Alumni (TOTAL) Awards 2009, had founded “from nothing to something” the Mediserv, Clinica Manila, Wellness Place and Wellcare Clinics.

Mediserv is the first diagnostic and laboratory referral center that opened up its laboratory tests to public view.

Clinica Manila is the first largest ambulatory or outpatient clinic in a mega shopping mall with 100 generalist and specialist physicians from the best medical schools in the country who practice everyday.

Wellness Place is the first care home for the elderly run privately and not by the government or NGOs.

Wellcare Clinics are smaller versions of Clinica Manila, in the provinces.

Described as the “first health retailer in the private sector,” Dr Delizo, better known as “Dok Nan” to his thousands of patients here and abroad, specializes in endocrinology, geriatrics, metabolism and diabetes. He is writing a book titled “Economics of Compassion.” #


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