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Nomination of Hernando B Delizo, MD to 2009 UST TOTAL Awards

14 October 2008



c/o UST Office for Alumni Relations

Room 108 Ground Floor

UST Main Building

Espana, Manila , The Philippines

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GREETINGS of prosperity, good health, peace and unending grace!

I write to formally nominate Dr Hernando Bianes Delizo of UST-Medicine 1984 to The Outstanding Thomasian Alumni (TOTAL) Awards 2009 in the award category of Health-Medical.

I am Emmanuel Mario B Santos, also known in the journalism circle as Marc Guerrero. I am chief editor of theMAGAZINE, theBUSINESS Paper, DiyaryoClinica (DC) and executive producer of PHTV (Paglalakbay for Health Television). I was born on the 14th of October at the UST Hospital. My late father, Mariano G Santos, a CPA, had told me a number of times in little anecdotes that our grandfather, Senor Don Guillermo Santos, one of the first Filipino principals and superintendents during the American Thomasites, was a classmate of Commonwealth President Manuel Luis Quezon back in the Universitas of Dr Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda. My son Marvin Myles Santos, now 24 and a budding actor, was a student of UST Fine Arts and Design (CFAD)-Advertising at the turn of the 21st century. So, therefore, I take liberty in calling myself an "honorary alumnus" of the UST and a “Thomasian by heart and spirit.”

I am nominating Hernando B Delizo, MD, MBA, FPCP, FPSGM on my own free will and without his knowledge, until I told him recently, for three reasons:


Dr Hernando Bianes Delizo, a cum laude (BS Gen 1980) at UST, after 30 years of practice had evolved himself from a junior physician-partner to nuclear medicine specialist, Dr Juan Torres, into having a thriving medical practice of his very own as an Internal Medicine doctor who specializes in endocrinology, geriatrics, metabolism and diabetes.


Dr Hernando Bianes Delizo, even before he took and completed in the 2001 his MBA studies in the Ateneo-Regis Program, had successfully founded a number of entrepreneurial ventures in medical healthcare, such as but not limited to Mediserv fronting UST, Clinica Manila in SM Megamall, Wellness Place in Quezon City, Wellcare Clinics in the Calabarzon areas, among others.

Mediserv is the first diagnostic center that brought its laboratories to public view.

Clinica Manila is the first-ever ambulatory clinic or outpatient clinic in a mega shopping mall that, 15 years after, every OPD in town replicated, if not copied.

Wellness Place is the first privately-run "care home" for elders or elderlies not managed and operated by the government or NGOs.

Wellcare Clinics are one of the first mini-Clinica Manilas that put up shop in the provinces.

And that is why, I called Dr Delizo the "first Filipino healthcare retailer in the private sector," because those four health facilities founded on strong and unwavering entrepreneurial mind, character and spirit of and by a Filipino are thriving than ever before. Dr Delizo need not wear the hat of a nurse in order to get an entry-level job in the US.


Dr Hernando Bianes Delizo "returned" to publishing and producing after 30 years when we first met in a public high school (Aguinaldo HS in Quiapo) campus paper: he, as editor of our English organ, The Pioneer, and I, editor of our Tagalog paper, Ang Usbong.

{We were already publishing and producing, somewhat professionally, I can say now with all honesty (because we work full hours in printing presses and put up livestage programs here and there, and so on) at 16 years old when girls and boys our age were still playing until they dropped. It was also during one of the December celebration of Boys and Girls Week when, I remember vividly now, that instead of taking his designation as Boy Councilor of Manila, the honor student that was Hernando Delizo chose to serve as Boy Director of Ospital ng Maynila, where he sat in and “worked” at the real Ospital director’s office, even for just a week. Upon his graduation, the young Delizo who told our principal that he was taking up Medicine in college after being asked so, was (sort of) “underestimated” by the principal because Delizo came from a family of modest means. The rest… )

Dr Delizo is publisher of OPD or OutPatient Digest Magazine for doctors (now defunct, but enhanced into) theMAGAZINE of Health & Wellness, a quarterly gloss on tourism, health and entrepreneurship, and also of theBUSINESS Paper, first broadsheet newspaper for small business (larger in size than the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star or Manila Bulletin, same size as the Wall Street Journal or Business Mirror), and of DiyaryoClinica (DC), first glossy-newsletter resource (in newspaper format) for ambulatory clinics the size of tabloids in the US.

Dr Delizo is producer of PHTV or Paglalakbay for Health TV that is experimenting on coverage of livestage presentations by commercial TV production which is broadcasted live or in real time over web TV. He is piloting the same PHTV medical-value health & wellness travel & tourism educational program this year for broadcast over The Filipino Channel (TFC) next year. Dr Delizo is also weblogging.

We were reunited by providence in 2005.

Other reasons why I am nominating Dr Delizo to the 2009 TOTAL Awards: He is married, and married happily, to another Thomasian, Dra Marissa dela Cruz Delizo of UST Medicine 1984. They have been raising four doting children, triumphantly, two of whom were orphaned babies when they took them as their own, and two biological children of their own – all of them happy, healthy and smart. Both parents were oozing with compassion in their hearts. Dr Delizo does not keep the graces to himself. He is incubating and supporting the next entrepreneurs who can follow suit, something that is worth emulating, right?

I am also attaching and enclosing in all my communiqu├ęs as regards this nomination all copies of body of works that Dr Delizo had achieved in the past 20 to 30 years.

THANK YOU for your very kind consideration, good health and God bless!





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